Amwal Express – Institution Management System

Amwal System is designed to serve the decision-maker and the operator Arab, features and functions to meet all the needs of companies and institutions in the region, which gives the ability to make administrative decisions and sound management of the business efficiently and effectively as it helps users to enter and retrieve information quickly and with as little effort as possible.

Amwal Express includes many subsystems:

  1. General Ledger – Financial Regulations

  2. Department stores

  3. Department of Procurement

  4. Sales Management

  5. Manage clients and suppliers

1- General Ledger:

General ledger contains all the necessary financial documents of receipt and disbursement of bonds and limitations of daily announcements and other special management as well as checks contain all of the special operations of the collection of checks and deposit and cancellation etc..

The financial system or a repository of general ledger accounting entries resulting from the sales, purchases, warehouses and other systems where they are monitored and reviewed and approved. Characterized by the general ledger in the money the following advantages:

  • Works in accordance with the principles and standards generally accepted accounting and generally accepted.

  • Flexibility, where appropriate for all business.

  • Allows the implementation of the goals in a quick and successful.

  • Provides the ability to control high financial accounts to ensure the provision of a lot of time and effort and expenditure.

  • Increases the speed of data extraction of financial and non-financial and knowledge of the financial position of the facility at any moment.

  • Reduces the cost of collection and makes you abreast of your financial path.

  • Improves the efficiency of management processes and predict the future, increasing the effectiveness of reporting and monitoring of the budget of the Foundation.

  • Allows the definition of financial targets and cost control and revenue during the execution of operations.

  • Improves cash flow through the follow-up of payments and expenses through a system of cash management and checks.

  • Increase the effectiveness and performance auditing of financial reports in a timely and clear.

  • Cost centers: one of the methods of modern control points used to measure the motion of the parts of the financial institution .

  • Are the definition of structural evidence for the cost centers is an extension of the horizontal and the user accounts are used in conjunction with the account in the various processes.

2- Warehouses:

  • Accurate control of stock movement and follow-up for the quantities available and their costs.

  • Works on a calculation of costs in ways that perpetual inventory – the Likely average.

  • Raise the efficiency of workers by simplifying processes and procedures.

  • Control inventory stock provide knowledge content in each moment (the quantity and cost).

  • The possibility of tracing any item by checking the historical record of stock movement procedures.

  • Reduce human errors resulting from manual labor, it also provides a distinct mechanism in order inventory by groups and types of inventory.

  • Reduce material costs resulting from manual labor as a process inventory manual because the system supports automated inventory of the stock.

  • Reduces the time by conducting operations in a shorter time period, such as inventory.

  • Avoid erroneous evaluation of the costs of items.

  • The ability to set currency to stock different from the currency of the budget.

  • Support to deal with all types of items and control the use (sale – purchase – service projects – a fixed asset – the only store … .. etc).

  • Multiple options for the item (product number – lot number – expiry dates – barcode – Multiple Units – Quantities free – serial numbers – the composite product – alternative varieties – the properties of items – Manufacturer Data – Picture Category – locations of items … .. etc) .

3- Customers and suppliers:

  • The system provides an integrated management of customers and suppliers.

  • The possibility of opening a new file to any supplier or customer.

  • The possibility of the division of customers or suppliers to the major groups linked to the financial system.

  • The possibility of the division of customers and suppliers to the grades and levels according to established policy.

  • Provide a mechanism for sequence numbering customers and suppliers in distinguishing it from other accounts.

  • The system provides the possibility of a quick review of any information and history of the clients or suppliers.

  • The possibility to stop dealing with any customer or supplier.

  • Showing guarantees and currency of the client or the supplier with the possibility to stop the currency and set a debt or currency of the invoice.

  • The possibility of adding more than one address for the client or the supplier when there are branches of the customers and suppliers.

  • The definition of the possibility of contacts with the client and display all its data.

4- Procurement:

Amwal system contains the documents necessary for procurement requisitions purchase orders, invoices and returns and the costs and burdens of procurement. Is linked with the utmost ease. During the billing purchases can be called a particular purchase order shall Amwal populates the invoice from the reality of the purchase order. The same technique is applied to the rest of the purchases.

  • Expand the window of awareness of the opportunities available in the procurement and ways to take advantage of them.

  • Avoid a deficit Store , through the schedule of applications and issuance of requests mechanism.

  • Reduce the cost of procurement through the analysis of the movement of procurement and suppliers.

  • Raise the efficiency of procurement in tracking and supply shipments to the stores a competitive price of truth.

  • The system provides a quick purchase invoice is working on a calculation of costs and burdens the shipment and delivery, and calculating the reduction in the process and the unit as the Ranking System accounting entry that has been at the same time.

5- Sales:

Amwal system provides the necessary documents for the sales of the bid or a client request or billing, and returns and then exchange and can be easily linked to these documents. May be billed during the sales call is a particular sale funds shall fill the bill of sale is the reality.

  • Raises the efficiency of sales and collection for the presence of quality reports for sales.

  • The possibility of determining margin and net profits as items, customers, delegates and regions.

  • Tracking the movement of salespeople and collectors in the various regions.

  • Provide factual information and quick cash sales and forward and periods of rebuilding credit and debt as customers, invoices, and items.

  • The possibility of controlling prices and commissions, discounts and free quantities as customers or items.

  • The system provides all the reports of Crisis (collectors, delegates, sales, net sales, profit margin) as multiple options (client, product, region, delegate, etc.) analytical / total.