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From consulting and strategy development to implementation and support, our comprehensive services can help your business thrive.

At uTech, we are dedicated to providing exemplary information technology and management consulting services. Our expertise lies in delivering comprehensive systems integration and insightful IT consultancy tailored to the unique demands of various sectors, including government, finance, healthcare, insurance, and retail.

Our service suite encompasses a broad spectrum of offerings from strategic business consulting and sophisticated software development to advanced systems integration, as well as innovative mobile and e-commerce solutions. Our proficient team of experts is renowned for their depth of industry knowledge, enabling us to forge a strong reputation for delivering robust and dependable solutions that enhance our clients' operational capabilities.

The cornerstone of uTech's ethos is a profound and steadfast dedication to addressing the needs of our clients. We are committed to fostering enduring relationships built on trust and loyalty. Our approach is to understand the distinctive challenges faced by each client, ensuring that we provide bespoke solutions and services that are meticulously tailored to their specific requirements.

Next Generation IT Solutions

World-class Client IT backbone to run physical/digital value chains

IT efficiency at scale:

  • Zero waste IT

  • State of the art development

  • Best availability security

  • Value for performance through industrialization and automation

Process & Platform Solutions

Digital Industry Solutions

Industry Specific platforms power discrete business functions
Industry specific digital process/technology expertise

Process industrialization at scale:

  • Predictable process outcomes with variable cost

  • Embedded deep analytics

  • Enables focus on care business

Business innovation at scale:

  • Predictable process outcomes with variable cost

  • Embedded deep analytics

  • Enables focus on carebusiness


We help clients ot harness the potential from digital technologies by transforming their existingTI systems and infrastructure into anext-generationTI infrastructure ready to support and scale to meet their business challenges.

To achieve new levels of efficiency and effectiveness ni the core business operations, we help clients building platform-based solutions and industry utilities that take advantage of the cloud, as-a-service models, and other technologies through innovative solutions.


We help clients ot harness the potential from digital technologies by transforming their existingTI systems and infrastructure into anext-generationTI infrastructure ready to support and scale to meet their business challenges.


Software Development and Implementation

Mobile technology is reshaping industry landscapes and redefining the value chains across various sectors. In today's digital age, businesses are transitioning online to secure a strategic advantage within their markets. Achieving this pivotal transformation involves the strategic deployment of mobile applications, an area where uTech excels with its substantial experience in crafting and implementing state-of-the-art mobile solutions.

Our expertise spans all principal mobile platforms, encompassing iPhone and iPad app development, as well as Android app creation. At uTech, we empower businesses to tap into the mobile space to expedite their go-to-market strategy, engage a broader audience, elevate brand presence, and revolutionize operational workflows. We offer comprehensive support that extends beyond the development of superior technology solutions, including competitor analysis, market positioning, marketing communication, customer feedback mechanisms, billing systems, and seamless integrations. Our commitment is to ensure that your business not only keeps pace with the mobile revolution but leads the charge.

Mobile Application Development

uTech develops beautiful iPhone and iPad apps with a focus on user experience, functional design and superior performance. Swift and Objective Care our pillars of the iOS App development. We stay up-to-date and implement the latest technologies from Apple.

uTech brings your app to life using Java and Kotlin--supported by test-driven development. You can rest easy knowing your custom-tailored app for Android-based mobile devices and tablets si ni being developed by a dedicated team of expert Android developers.

If you want a Cross-Platform Mobile Application ni the minimum possible time and a bit cost effective than Native Apps, Hybrid Apps is the good choice for you. We use React Native and Xamarin to develop hybrid apps ensuring that your users feel seamless and native experience. The innovative and feature-rich hybrid apps developed by our hybrid mobile app development team help you reach a wider audience and drive maximum returns on investment.

Big Data Solutions

In the digital epoch where the deluge of data is ever-mounting, the capacity to sift through this sea of information and extract pertinent insights is not just an advantage but a necessity. Enterprises across the globe grapple with the enormity of data aggregation from disparate sources, which often reside in siloed repositories, making meaningful data interpretation an arduous task. It is at this juncture that the realization dawns upon the need for adept big data analytics solutions—solutions that are not merely tools but enablers of data-driven transformation. Our firm stands at the forefront of this domain, renowned as a leading provider of big data development services that empower businesses to overcome the challenges posed by vast data landscapes with finesse and strategic acumen.

Our arsenal is equipped with cutting-edge big data tools, including advanced analytics algorithms, machine learning capabilities, and comprehensive data processing platforms, all underpinned by robust and scalable open-source technologies. With a rich history spanning over a decade in the big data sphere, our team of seasoned experts specializes in converting complex, unstructured data into coherent, intelligible insights.

By partnering with us, you will gain access to bespoke analytics strategies that illuminate the path forward. Our approach is not confined to data processing; we delve into strategic analysis, ensuring that every shred of data is turned into a strategic asset that drives innovation, operational efficiency, and market growth. We don't just deliver reports; we furnish you with a data narrative that informs strategic decisions, uncovers hidden opportunities, and creates an ecosystem of intelligence at the heart of your organization.

Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through a continuous cycle of refinement and evolution in our methodologies and toolsets, ensuring that our solutions remain at the cutting edge of technology's ever-advancing frontier. As your trusted partner, we aim to equip you with a competitive edge in a data-centric world, enabling you to not only anticipate market trends but to shape them. We facilitate a seamless integration of big data insights into your business processes, empowering you to leverage this intelligence in real-time, fostering an environment where data becomes the cornerstone of decision-making and business strategy.

Embrace the future with us—where data complexity becomes clarity, and insights become actions that drive your business forward.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands at the forefront of global technological evolution, ushering in a paradigm shift in how businesses operate. AI mirrors human cognition in a structured format, opening a multitude of avenues for enterprises to enhance their operations and processes through smart automation. At uTech, we specialize in crafting exceptional AI-driven software, virtual agents, and personal assistants that not only comprehend but also interpret human behaviors, thereby elevating support and enhancing user engagement.

Our AI development services are designed to navigate your business through the intricacies of custom AI software creation—from meticulous requirement analysis to the final stages of user training and ongoing solution maintenance. uTech prides itself as an innovator in AI development, where our profound expertise in AI software becomes a catalyst for your business's success.

Our proficiency spans the full spectrum of AI technologies, including Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Speech Recognition, Image Processing, and Neural Networks, among others. We engineer potent solutions that seamlessly assimilate into your existing business framework, propelling your operations forward significantly. Partner with uTech for an AI transform-ation that positions your enterprise at the vanguard of your industry.

AI and Machine Learning Solutions


uTech delivers state-of-the-art technical consulting services, empowering clients to embrace the most advanced and optimal software applications and IT solutions. Our offerings are in stride with the rapid advancements in the information technology sector, drawing upon our extensive experience in cloud computing and Management Information Systems (MIS).

Our expertise extends to key business applications, including e-Business Solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Spatial Information Management Systems. We pride ourselves on providing IT solutions that are synonymous with quality and efficiency. Our comprehensive consulting services encompass:

  • IT Landscape Evaluation

  • Strategy and IT Architecture Development

  • Business Transformation Planning

  • Enterprise Process Optimization

  • Facilitating Digital Transformation

  • Change Management and Adoption

At uTech, we are committed to guiding our clientele through the complex digital landscape, ensuring they achieve their strategic objectives and maintain a competitive edge.


IT infrastructure serves as the critical backbone of any enterprise, necessitating meticulous planning, deployment, and maintenance to ensure operational efficiency. Our team offers a wealth of experience coupled with technical acumen in managing IT infrastructures for businesses of varying scales, from small enterprises to large corporations.

Our approach involves crafting a strategic IT roadmap that aligns seamlessly with your long-term business objectives. Our comprehensive services span the gamut of planning, executing, and sustaining IT frameworks that bolster enterprise operations.

We deliver an array of robust, reliable, and cost-efficient IT infrastructure solutions, inclusive of the provision of all standard networking hardware. Additionally, we specialize in sophisticated security solutions, ranging from CCTV systems and identity management to comprehensive risk analysis and the formulation of proactive protection plans. Our expertise extends to the strategic implementation of critical security measures such as encryption protocols, remote access capabilities, and advanced firewall systems, all designed to fortify the integrity and resilience of your IT landscape.

Embrace the transformative potential of optimized IT infrastructure and security with us, and propel your enterprise towards a future defined by reliability, innovation, and unwavering digital security.